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Teaching Nutrition to Kids in Innovative Ways!

Nutra-Net is a Kansas City-based nonprofit organization that delivers nutrition education messages in a fun and interactive way to reach kids more effectively, through cooking! Our materials are easy-to-follow from step-by-step leader guides for adult leaders to pictorial cookbooks for the youngest of children. Featuring healthy recipes that are low-cost and easy to make, the cooking activities teach children valuable lessons about choosing more nutritious snacks and meals!

Our mission is to empower children and families from diverse backgrounds with the knowledge and skills to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks that promote lifelong wellness and reduce the risk of disease.

There are a variety of ways Nutra-Net’s resources can help you!

  • Easy-to-use curriculum leader guides for schools, afterschool or youth programs (ages pre-K thru 6th grade)
  • Fun train-the-trainer session allows you and your staff to confidently implement Nutra-Net lessons year after year
  • Nutra-Net pros are available to teach a class or series of classes at your site